The Purple Thread



At long last with the incredible dedication of my daughter, Elizabeth, and my super web designer, Trevor, my web site is up and running.

The intention is to put something on this blog once a week – to keep up the calendar of teaching events, and of course, posting all the new projects. When I run across them and try them out, a recipe may see itself here as well.

I would love to hear from you and you can send me emails at

Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s a miracle I don’t run off the road looking for vines of bittersweet as I drive through the country side. When I do find it, it makes a mess in my car with the yellow shells everywhere. And yet, I cannot leave it alone.

This fall, as I have done every other year for a long time, I’m headed to the Shepherd’s Bush retreat in Utah as a student. I see so many friends and I love the venue. We visit Jill Rensel’s Framing Studio and pet the sweet little dogs. Spend time stitching with friends, a valuable commodity these days.


The week after Shepherd’s Bush, I’m headed to Stowe Vermont to the Celebration of Needlework event to teach my Snow Flake Project. There are three other wonderful designers and I’m honored to be among their number. Stowe has been written up in many travel journals as an ideal destination for a long weekend adventure in the fall. The leaves should be spectacular!

My family and I need to put my mom’s house on the market this fall. It’s a sad time and yet a completion of the journey. I know many of you have been down the same road. It is part of our time of life.

Please visit your local shop this fall and gather your autumn stitching projects…..Ciao, Sharon